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Family Water Flosser Dental Flosser RLI512

Family Water Flosser Dental Flosser RLI512

Professional 800ML Dental Flosser Oral Irrigator Specifications:

Items Descriptions
Volume Tank 800ML
Product Weight 780g
Water proof IPX4
Noise under 72DB
Timer 2 minutes a cycle
Water Pressure 20-130PSI
UV Sanitizer Yes
Certifacte FDA,FCC,CE and more

World’s First Water Flosser: Powerful 254nm wavelength rays protect your jet tips. Eliminates the breeding ground, giving you more at comfiortable use

Hygienic Storage: Self draining chamber accommodates all your accessories, insulates all types of microorganism floating around and drains any water remaining in tips; 

The handle can be held on the side of machine with magnetic suction; pick up or place back the handle,  turns on/off automatically, and no repeat pressure level adjustment required; 

Designed to provide you easiest access to control water flossing.

Advanced Pressure Control System: Custom your oral flossing with 12 settings enhanced water pressure ranging 20-130 PSI, perfectly match how your gums feel on any particular day.

Versatility: Patented appearance design with curing coating offers greater feel and protection; 

removable 800ml reservoir with leakproof-ring provides approximately 140 seconds of water capacity during use; 

8 tips meet the oral needs of different groups and more.

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