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Exhibitions to attend

Exhibitions to attend in Y2018

USA International Consumer Electronics Show                   Jan 9-12,2018
23rd Dental South China                                                    Apr 4-7,2018
HongKong Electronics Fair(Spring Edition)                            Apr 13-16,2018
Shanghai International Dental Care Expo                            Jun 27-29,2018
IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited                                     Sep 1-6,2018
HongKong Electronics Fair(Autumn Edition)                           Oct 13-16,2018
Shenzhen Gift Show (Autumn Edition)                                   Oct 20-23,2018
China Homelife Brazil                                                             Sep 11-13,2018

Welcome to come our exhibition in 2018.

Exhibitions attended in or before Y2017

Hongkong Electronics fair (autumn)      Oct 13-16,2017

Household Expo (Moscow)                     Sep 12-14,2017

Hongkong Electronics fair (autumn)      Apr 13-16,2017

Hongkong Electronics fair (autumn)      Oct 13-16,2016

Asia Electronics(Hongkong) Fair            Apr 12-15,2016

IFA Germany                                            Sep.4-9,2015

Hongkong Electronics fair (spring)        April 13-16,2015

Hongkong Electronics fair (autumn)      Oct 13-16,2014

Hongkong Electronics fair (spring)        Apr 13-16,2014

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